9Lives has deep roots in the history of Finnish ambulance operations

Although 9Lives is young as a company, the business has a long history. The Finnish Red Cross ambulance service began operations in Finland in 1940. Through many stages, it became the business part of the Esperi company. In 2012, Esperi ambulance operations and Helsingin Ensihoito ja Sairaankuljetus joined together and founded a new company called 9Lives. Other elements included in the company today are Varsinais-Suomen Sairaankuljetus, founded in Southwest Finland in 1958, and Sairaskuljetus Ahonen, founded in Häme district in 1960.

Under its new name, 9Lives provides quality emergency medical services. We are proud of our long history, extensive experience and fresh capacity for innovation and development.



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Our service number 24h: +358-20-700-8000
(when calling from abroad)
Email: info@9lives.fi

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