Basis of our operations


The purpose of our quality management system is to prevent potential problems in the ambulances and all other equipment in advance. We continuously monitor the equipment quality with different methods and indicators, together with our partners. The aim is to ensure that we have adequate and modern vehicles and tools, which are continuously maintained and meet the quality requirements set out in our agreements and contracts.

Maintenance and calibrations are performed, in accordance with the equipment manufacturers' instructions and regulations. As required in our quality management system, all treatment / medical devices have device cards that allow us to proactively monitor their calibration and maintenance. This way, we can ensure that they meet all quality standards.

The ambulances that we use are custom built for us. Through long-term cooperation with the vehicle manufacturer, based on the staff's requests, suggestions and ideas, we have developed ambulance vehicles that are particularly suitable for our business.



Contact us!

Our service number 24h: +358-20-700-8000
(when calling from abroad)
info@9lives.fi (Ambulance)
koronainfo@9lives.fi (Covid19 testing)

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