Emergency medical services

9Lives is Finland's largest producer of emergency medical services

9Lives is a pioneer in emergency medicine and Finland's largest producer of medical transportation services. Our group has a nationwide organization for patient transfers with a total of 80 ambulances, and over 800 employees.

Our range of services includes both emergency medical services and non-critical patient transfers, at a basic level. We deliver our services to health care districts, municipalities and organizations in health care.

In areas where 9Lives is designated to manage the paramedic and ambulance services, we deliver a comprehensive service, which means we take care of everything, from ambulances and their equipment, as well as the training of staff, in accordance with established quality criteria. Our competent, well trained and experienced staff, as well as our efficient processes, ensures that the services are of high quality, while also offering excellent cost efficiency.

We focus on the continuous improvement of our business and we are constantly looking for new business models that make it possible to exploit the knowledge of well-trained emergency nurses as widely as possible for the benefit of society. As a proof and a guarantee for our high level of quality, we have a quality management system certified to ISO 9001. We are Finland's only provider of emergency medical services to be certified by Det Norske Veritas.

In Finland, health care districts are responsible for organizing the emergency medical services. All emergency functions can be exposed to competition and they can also be organized in collaboration with the rescue departments. EU legislation on procurement requires pre-hospital emergency care services to be applicable to competition.

Comparisons show that the cost of emergency care is clearly the lowest and service levels high in those health care districts where acute and emergency services have been applicable to competition and where private companies manage a significant portion of the business.

The business model of 9lives allows the expansion into new areas, even at short notice.


Contact us!

Our service number 24h: +358-20-700-8000
(when calling from abroad)
info@9lives.fi (Ambulance)
koronainfo@9lives.fi (Covid19 testing)

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