Sports, music and other public events

First aid manLet us take care of first aid at your event!

Are you organizing an event with large audiences? Let 9Lives take care of the first aid service at your event!

If you organize a public event, you are also required to organize an adequate emergency first aid on the spot. You should also prepare a written plan for first aid, to be appended to the event's rescue plan.

The size or form of the even makes no difference. We will take care of everything needed, from drawing up the plans for the practical organization of functioning and effective first aid activities.

We will supply a sufficient first aid preparedness to suit your event. Our solid experience, along with our skilled and excellently trained staff, ensures that visitors to at your event are in good and capable hands, should there be any unpleasant surprises.

Order first aid for your event from 9lives and let our skilled staff ensure that both your guests and outsiders are safe. If an accident occurs, our nationwide organization will ensure that co-operation between the first-aid organization and the municipal rescue department runs smoothly at all times.

If you are planning a sports competition, a fair, a concert or other kind of public event - regardless of whether the event has tens or thousands of participants, please contact us. We will leave nothing to chance!


Contact us!

Our service number 24h: +358-20-700-8000
(when calling from abroad)
info@9lives.fi (Ambulance)
koronainfo@9lives.fi (Covid19 testing)

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