Cost-effective outsourcing

Services for the care of the patient with respiratory paralysis

Patients with respiratory paralysis usually need ongoing professional help. The arranging of this care is a challenge. It depends on many factors. One of the most difficult challenges is the lack of resources, which is a more or less a permanent problem everywhere in society. It is not convenient for the patient if the caregivers are constantly replaced with new ones. It means that the patient must constantly get used to "strangers". The more familiar caregivers and the more humane and kind the arranged care is, the better the patient will feel. Arrangements for substitutes can also be a burden for the relatives. If substitutes are not available, there's a possibility that the patient will have to be moved to a ward. The wards in institutes can also struggle with their lack of resources, not to mention that almost any solution other than outsourcing is also expensive.

The administration of health care teams for patients with respiratory paralysis is a heavy process that binds a great deal of human resources. By our solution, it is possible to save on administrative costs and ensure effective care and flexible substitute arrangements in all situations, while the patient receives a more pleasant service.

A healthcare team for a patient with respiratory failure generally consists of 4-5 people, since the service has to be produced around the clock.
9Lives has extensive experience in the care of patients with respiratory paralysis and in organizing and administering care teams. We can offer our skilled personnel as temporary help, as substitutes during holiday periods and in other situations where regular staff are absent, or when there is a shortage of resources. We can also organize the complete care team for patients with respiratory paralysis. When 9Lives manages the entire healthcare operations from the beginning to the end, the purchaser can free up staff resources from administration to other tasks.


You can rely on us in tricky situations

9Lives specializes in the hiring of staff for the care of patients with respiratory paralysis. We shall provide you with qualified replacements, whether you need a quick solution when overtime hours are piling up, or personnel for further replacements. We have been active in health care since 1958. Our long experience helps us to understand the special needs of respiratory paralysis patients.

9Lives takes responsibility to interview nurse candidates for their legal expertise and training, and for all employer obligations. 9lives ensures that the substitute is always done to raise awareness of the good practices of the given job. In addition, the customer and the selected employee will receive support from 9Lives during the entire period of employment.



Let us take care of your patient with respiratory paralysis

It is difficult to recruit nurses for patients with respiratory arrest and a challenge to ensure the care team resources. 9Lives can commit to handle everything associated with the care team for patients with respiratory arrest: resources, training, work management - everything. 9Lives has experience, a clear and effective organization and a practically proven business model, as well as implemented client cases. And it is not even expensive.


Overtime work is tough for both employees and the employer. Constantly changing staff is uncomfortable for the patient, for whom caregivers normally become almost as familiar as their family members. By outsourcing services for the care of patients with respiratory paralysis, you save the people, money and administration work. When the number of overtime hours decreases, the costs also decrease equally. When 9lives stands for the whole team, everyone will be satisfied- which is the most important.


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