ISO 9001 quality standard in all our services – now also in home care and personal assistance

We are proud to have achieved the ISO 9001 quality certificate in all our businesses. We are the provider of services of the highest quality – and we will continue to develop our business even stronger.

9Lives’ home care and personal assistance has been awarded the ISO 9001 quality standard in August. Earlier in the spring, we renewed the standard for first aid and respiratory paralysis treatment businesses. The quality management standard ISO 9001 proves that our way of working is systematic and we operate in a customer-oriented way.

Quality assurance in home care and personal assistance

We, at 9Lives strived across the organization to achieve the ISO 9001 standard. Led by Quality director Jukka Rantala, all frontline staff in home care and personal assistance played a key role in this effort. The ISO 9001 quality standard application process included numerous internal and external audits. Jukka emphasizes the strong connection of the quality standard to the everyday life of the teams: the goal of the quality process is to facilitate the daily work of each employee and to improve customer service.

The audits were a positive experience

We, at 9Lives are particularly pleased with the strong motivation and commitment to the goal of all participants.

The cornerstones of our business principles are compliance, reliability, responsibility and good business practices. In accordance with the business idea of ​​9Lives, we produce even stronger, high-quality healthcare services all over Finland.