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Ambulance and first aid services for events

Planning a high-attendance event with potential medical risks? Entrust the safety of your attendees to us by choosing our professional ambulance standby services. For public events, ensuring ample first aid services is your responsibility. We not only provide expert standby services but also assist in creating a comprehensive first aid plan, seamlessly integrated into your event’s rescue strategy.

Regardless of your event’s scale or nature, we offer the expertise to deliver fitting and comprehensive first aid services. Whether you are hosting a sports competition, trade show, concert, market event, or any public gathering, and whether your attendees number in the tens or tens of thousands, reach out to us. Let’s collaborate to create a customized first aid plan for your event, ensuring nothing is left to chance! Our services span across Finland.

For further information, please contact our Business Director Timo Palo at or call +358 50 365 3305. You can also make an inquiry or place an order through our contact form.