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9Lives is a trusted partner of wellbeing services counties.

We are a Finnish private social and health care services company specialising in mobile nursing services. Our team consists of approximately 3,000 professionals. We are one of the largest providers of home care services in the country. We work closely with wellbeing services counties, businesses, and private parties to offer the best possible wellbeing services.

Our field of expertise is nursing and assistance services. Our professionals work all over Finland in home care, personal assistance, emergency care, patient transfers, vaccination and sampling services, and respiratory and paralysis care.

We do everything we can to be an excellent employer. It is of vital importance to us that daily work runs smoothly for our professionals. With us, you can perform your job well and focus on the wellbeing of our clients.

We are pioneers in humanity. We are driven by the desire and need to do good. We are determined to seek new ways to build a better future because our profession entails caring for people.

9Lives has deep roots in Finnish patient transportation history

Although we are still a young company, our history goes back a long way. The Finnish Red Cross introduced patient transportation in Finland in the 1950s. Later on, they incorporated their operations, giving rise to Esperi. In 2012, Esperi’s patient transportation and  Helsinki First Aid and Patient Transportation, founded in 1989, joined forces, and 9Lives was founded.

Our roots lie in ambulance services, but we have grown to become Finland’s leading provider of mobile nursing services in social and health care. In December 2021, 9Lives acquired the entire share capital of Stella Kotipalvelut Oy and expanded its operations, including home care and personal assistance services. Together, 9Lives and Stella aim to be the leading provider of mobile nursing-centred local services in social and health care in Northern Europe in the coming years.