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Ambulance services and patience transport in Denmark by PreMed

PreMed A/S is a subsidiary of 9Lives operating in Denmark. Its range of services includes ambulance services, patient transport, management of medical equipment warehouses, and emergency medical services, covering extensive areas of Northern and Southern Denmark. The company employs approximately 200 people across 15 locations.

PreMed was founded in 2018 by Kenneth Kronohage, Heidi Storm Vikke, and Anders Vikke, all of whom are experienced experts in the healthcare and nursing fields. Heidi Storm Vikke and Anders Vikke continue as part-owners of the company and are involved in the top management, with 9Lives as the main owner.

ISO certified ambulance services in Denmark

At PreMed, we strive to be an innovative partner in the Danish healthcare system, developing solutions that improve the accessibility and quality of healthcare, especially for residents of remote areas.

PreMed stands out in the market by being the only provider in Denmark offering ISO-certified ambulance services. This certification demonstrates the company’s commitment to the highest possible quality of care, responsibility, and work safety, with the patient’s well-being always being the priority.

We aim to be a respected, value-creating partner in the Danish healthcare system, innovating and improving emergency medical services and patient transport.

At PreMed employee satisfaction and expertise meet

We believe that prioritizing both employee satisfaction and continuous learning leads to our success. By investing in the well-being of our employees, we ensure high-quality service for our customers.